Time and Work Questions PDF for Bank, CET, SSC Exams free download

Time and Work Questions PDF for Bank, CET, SSC Exams free download available here with solutions. Now Time and work questions are a important part of Banking exams, CET, SSC and Railways. Most of the time 1-2 questions have been seen in all competitive exams like bank PO, SSC, Railways etc.

Time and Work Questions PDF free download

The Time and work questions PDF free download is available here with solutions. As we all know Time and Work is the important topic for most of the competitive exams. Hence we can ignore the Time and work questions. We are helping you here Time and Work question PDF with solutions to crack competition exams.

Time and Work Questions PDF with Answers

Time and work important questions are here with answers.

Shabd Aur Pad Class 9 & 10 MCQ Online test

  1. Sunder and Subhash are chefs in a hotel. In 15 minutes, Sunder can cut 112 onions and Subhash is 125% as efficient as Sunder. One day, in the hotel 4200 onions were to be cut. If Sunder and Subhash started working together, then in how many hours they can complete the work?

A. 4 hours 10 minutes         B. 04 hours 20 minutes         C. 4 hours 50 minutes         D. 4 hours 15 minutes

E. None of these

Ans: A. 4 hours 10 minutes

2. A, B and C can do a certain piece of work in 16, 20 and 24 days respectively. They started the work together but after ‘x – 8’ days, A left the job. ‘x’ days before completion of the work B also left. If the whole work is completed in ‘x+5’ days, then find the value of ‘x’.

A. 12                           B. 14                           C. 15                           D. 18                           E. None of these

Ans: E. None of these

3. Four friends A, B, C and D are assigned to complete a work. A, C and D together can complete the task in 8 days while A and C together can complete the same work in 72/7 days. If B is 20% more efficient than D, then find the sum of number of days taken by B and C to complete the task individually, if it is given that ratio of efficiency of A and C is 3: 4, respectively.

A. 56 days       B. 42 days       C. 36 days       D. 48 days       E. 54 days

Ans: D. 48 days

Important question Time and Work

4. It takes 8 women, each working at the same rate a total of 20 days to build a room. If 8 women start to build the room on January 1, 2006 and one man per day is added beginning from January 7, 2006, at the end of which day will the room be completed given that each man can work twice as fast as each woman?

A. 12 January 2006            B. 13 January 2006            C. 14 January 2006            D. 16 January 2006

E. 15 January 2006

Ans: B. January

5. A and B together can do a work in 18 days and B and C together can do it in 30 days. All three arrive on the work site and for the first 14 days only B and C work together, then A worked alone for some days and then he left for his home. After A has left B and C complete the remaining work in 18 days with B working on every 1st and 3rd day and C working on every 2nd day. After how many days A left the work site?

A.18 days                  B. 20 days                 C. 6 days                   D. 12 days                 E. None of these

Ans: B. 20 days

Time and Work Important questions for exams

6. Rocky and Monty decided to do a task. They can do the task in z and (z + 10) days respectively. They were paid Rs. 2000 for completing the task in 16 2/3 days. They took help of Jolly and completed the work in time. If Jolly’s share is Rs. 500, find the time taken by Rocky and Monty to complete the task individually?

A. 20, 30 days           B. 30, 40 days           C. 40, 50 days           D. 45, 55 days           E. None of these

Ans:    C. 40, 50 days   

7. In a restaurant, the owner plan to do a work in 8 days with 4 machines. But after 2 days, they find that only 40% of the work is done with the machines running for 6 hours a day. If they want to complete the work in the planned time with the machines, how many hours per day the machines have to work?

A. 4 hours                  B. 5 hours                  C. 6 hours                 D. 3 hours                  E. 7 hours

Ans: D. 3 hours 

8. A farmer can sow 80 seeds in an hour. He had 1000 seeds to be sown in 2 days time working 5 hours daily. To accomplish this work he took the help of his wife and both of them started working together to complete the work. Find out how many seeds can be sown by his wife in an hour?

A. 30                           B.25                            C. 24                           D. 28                           E. 20

Ans: E. 20

Time and Exam questions PDF for banking exams

9. 24 men get a target of completing a work in 35 days. They started working together and found that after 20 days they just completed 50% of the work. How many more men need to be included so that work finishes in time?

A. 8                             B. 10                           C. 12                           D. 11                           E. 15

Ans: A. 8

Padbandh exercise class 10 with Answers MCQ

10. Pankaj can do as much work in 4 days as Kamal can do in 6 days, and Kamal can do as much work in 5 days as Ambuj in 8 days. What wages does Ambuj get for a piece of work which Pankaj can do in 70 days, if Ambuj gets Re. 1 for 1 day?

A. Rs. 144       B. Rs. 124       C. Rs. 168       D. Rs. 130       E. None of these

Ans: D. Rs. 130 

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