Rajasthan map political District wise

You can see here राजस्थान मानचित्र Rajasthan map political district (City) wise. Rajasthan is divide in 33 districts (जिलों) and area is 342,239 square kilometres (10.4% of India). Rajasthan ka map, Districts जिलों (City), राज्य की राजधानी (Rajasthan State Capital), जिला मुख्यालय (District headquarters), राज्य सीमा (Rajasthan State Borders) और जिलों की सीमाओं (District borders) आदि के बारे में जानकारी.

Find below the Rajasthan map with district name.

Rajasthan map District wise

Rajasthan Map
Rajasthan Map

Rajasthan map with district wise HD

The Rajasthan state have 33 district and Jaipur or Pink city known as capital on Rajasthan state. As per area, Rajasthan is the biggest state of India. State Rajasthan has Approx. 342,239 square kms area.

Important Points of Rajasthan map

What is the Rajasthan ki Rajdhani : Jaipur (Captical of Rajasthan state)

Distict count Rajasthan Ke district (जिलों) : 33

Rajasthan ki border with other states: 5 (Gujrat, MP, UP, Haryana, Punjab)

What is the area of Rajasthan : 342,239 square kilometres

Rajsthan ki Jansankya: 68,621,012

Rajasthan map download in HD

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Rajasthan Political map with district name

Here you can see the important details regarding rajasthan map. Rajasthan state map is useful to get detailed information about Rajasthan state districts and there borders.

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The Rajasthan map with district name: State, Districts Information and Facts. you can download the Rajasthan map and use for education purpose.