Motivational quotes in hindi for success

Here you can find Motivational quotes in Hindi for success in your life. Today, we all have lots of problems in the personal life, we need a motivation kick start to overcome on our problems. Our Motivational quotes helps you to generate new energy to fight your real life problems.

“जिसने भी खुद को खर्च किया है I, दुनिया ने उसी को Google पर Search किया है |”

Motivational Quotes in Hindi for Whatsapp status

Today we all are using Whatsapp status to show our feelings, Our Motivational quotes for whatsapp status helps you to show right energy and suitable confidence in your life.

Rakhi whatsapp status 2021

“अगर सूरज के तरह जलना है तो रोज उगना पड़ेगा |”

“हौसला होना चाहिए, Business तो कभी भी शुरू किया जा सकता है ।”

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mor motivation quotes Hindi

“वही इंसान रिकॉर्ड तोड़ता है,जिसके रगों में खून नहींजूनून दौड़ता है !”